Matcha tea is produced by grinding green tea leaves, the result is a fine powder that dissolves in water unlike other types of green tea (bag or loose leaf). This makes much better take advantage of all the benefits and properties of the tea leaf. A cup of matcha green tea has same amount of antioxidants than 10 tea bags, impressive, huh?! Matcha green tea plantations are covered one month before harvest to increase production of chlorophyll (hence the bright green colour) which gives matcha a higher content of nutrients than other green tea varieties.

1-It is a powder and needs to be dissolved in the liquid, to do that we use a bamboo whisk (called chasen).

2- If you drink coffee or other infusions with milk and sweetener for instance, it is advisable that you prepare your first matcha in the same way.

3- We recommend a ratio of 1g / 70ml of liquid, although there are other ways to make matcha (koicha or thick style) that use 4grs and more.

4- Not every day you have time for a full blown tea ceremony (at least us) but we do try to dedicate every morning to a few minutes to our little ceremony and make it a bit of a zen-mindfull moment (which is so trendy right now). Heat the water…whisk your chasen to whip that characteristic cream, and enjoy every sip. It does help us to put some sense to the day ahead

Tiny but mighty Do not be fooled by its size, these 30grs go far, in fact fact they will give you a cup a day for a month all packed with antioxidants and catechins. Never have so many good properties had come in such a small package.But we need to warn you it is very easy to become a super-fan and soon you might want more than one cup of goodness a day!

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